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3 Easy Steps to Take Care of Chicks During Cold Rainy Season.

Rearing chicks can be challenging but when done correctly, it becomes easy and fun. It increases the amounts of profits when done as a business if proper management practices are done. Here are three easy steps to ensure your chicks are safe during this rainy season.

Provide a brooder which is heated. Heating can be done by use of an electric bulb, a special jiko or by organic means where water is put in a bottle then covered with a piece of cloth. The heat makes the chicks adaptive and grow to the best. the heat is placed at a distance from the chicks to prevent them from dehydrating and dying. The distance should be at least 15 centimeters and regulations made depending with the room temperatures.

Chicks can also be provided with warm water which also helps in regulating their body temperatures.

The final way of taking care of the chicks to prevent them from cold weather is providing them with multivitamins. These can be mixed with feeds or drinking water. This makes the chicks energetic and active hence preventing them from cold stress.

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