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Opinion: How to Survive a Centipede Bite

As you all know a centipede as per the name goes has more that 100 legs and they are even larger than your foot. They are carnivorous and leave in dark dump places and they use their venomous pincers to bite you and as the venum enters your bloodstream you feel excruciating pain and do you think you can survive this elongated monster attacks?? You are about to know this

Centipede live in both the tropical and subtropical areas and as you may know or as it falls to be a new documentation the largest is found in south America. They can even grow up to 12 cm that's appropriately 12 inches in length or even more. Of more interest is that they can eat mice and lizards 15 times this size,,, this is hilarious.

Another thing to note is that Giant centipedes are aggressive creatures and ain't even afraid of fights. More interesting is that they can even fight with rattle snakes. Now imagn what it can do to yiu,, scary right? Ooooh yes, now here is how you can survive a centipedes bit.

1. Grab something hot

Immediately apply heat or hot water to the wound, this will help dilute the venom but you'll need to act first since some centipedes can kill a prey 15 times their size. Imagn what would happen to you. The toxin in their venom classes the channel that pumps potassium in and out of yiu cells which is critical to have a regular heartbeat. The venom can also attack you cardiovascular, respiratory and the nervous system.

2. Be ware of their is speed

If you see a centipede on the floor don't come close or near it. They are surprisingly fast creatures and within the blink of an eye,, the unexpected happens. They can also modify thier bodies to travel even fast. The tergites on the back of their segments can change to keep the body still and reach a higher velocity when chasing their prey.

3. Read their sighs.

I know your wondering how on earth can one read the signs of this venomous centipede. Here is how, centipedes are sneaky hunters and they hide very well and they don't try to live in human areas more often but they may take shelter in a cluttered area of your home. If you come in contact with one, don't pick it up or handle it roughly for this will trigger it to defend itself. It will let you know its ready to attack when It raises the front part of its long body similar to the way a Cobra snake moves. That's your cue to get the heck out of there. And call for help like an exterminator.

4. Get medical help

This is the best thing to do incase you came in contact with the arthropoda creature. It once happened in Thailand that a 52 year old and by bad lack he failed to attend to a hospital, he experienced dizziness and chills. And since he had diabetes he suffered blood poisoning. This is can so be avoided by seeking immediate medical attention.

Next time you meet with 12 or more inches centipede, you know what exactly to do.

Content created and supplied by: Muokiclinton (via Opera News )

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