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Why are gorillas more muscular but they do not hit the gym?

Whenever there is a talk about mountain gorillas in Africa among several individuals, the focus of our mind and thoughts directly shifts to Africa that is best known place in the world for watching Mountain Gorillas as they are highly endangered species. You need to visit the parks such as Bwindi Impenetrable Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National park in Uganda & Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda to track these muscular gorillas. A gorilla can carry a load of 800 Kg, a human supports perhaps a maximum of 500 before his nose bleeds from the effort and they also weigh about 240 Kg. There is no comparison, the man loses against the strength of the gorilla.

1. It Is A Genetic Difference Not A Matter Of Diet?

Their genes, D.N.A as well as the bone structure is such that their bodies especially their arms get the type of power that enables them to survive the harsh conditions of the jungle. Though scientists are still trying to figure out their superhuman strength.

2. Arms Are More Muscled Because Of Walking And Swinging Relying On Them.

These mountain gorillas are known to walk on their hands all the time which makes them strong and broad-chested, as well as swing on the branches of the trees daily. Thus by doing so, they put their arms to lots of stress-related activity that gives them enormous exercises daily. Hence, they don’t have to hit the gym to gain muscles as we tend to do. Even the strongest person on earth can’t be able to compete with an average mountain gorilla because of the strength the animal possesses.

3. Gorillas Can Easily Use Plant Fibers By Digesting Cellulose.

They absorb nutrients very well including protein from their diet (green plants also have them). What gorillas need to do is eat large amounts of plant matter, every day and constantly. Bacteria in their stomach can break down plant cellulose that we can't, and the by-products produced by the bacteria are rich in proteins that are absorbed through the body of the gorilla.

4.They Have Unique Digestive System For Fixing More Protein In Their Body.

They possess amazingly long digestive tract capable of converting cellulose into Omega-3 fatty acids. This variant of fatty acid is very important for the health of their brain as well as the health of their central and peripheral nervous system. Moreover, this fatty acid also helps in supplying the coating of the plasma membrane of these gorillas. As far as this membrane is concerned, it allows certain nutrients to flow in & out of the cells smoothly.

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