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Top Three Fastest Animals In The World (Opinion)

Some of these animals fly in the air,others swim through water, while others run on the earth's surface. Most of the fastest animal's are birds that pass through the air and below, we want to discuss different types of animals that are fastest in the air, water and on the earth's surface.

1. Peregrine falcon.

It is the fastest bird that flies in the air and is the fastest on the planet of the earth. It dives steeply at a speed of over 322kph.


It holds the title of the fastest land animal. A natural-born sprinter cheetah can reach a top speed of 70 miles per hour.

3.Shortfin mako shark.

They are highly streamlined animals with great muscular power, which allows them to leap out of water to a height of up to six meters. The mako shark is another contender for the fastest aquatic animal globally, with an estimated speed of up to 124kph.

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