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Easiest Ways of Eliminating Cockroach in Your Kitchen

Almost every home experience problems brought about by cockroaches. People are trying all means to get rid of these stubborn insects.

Cockroaches multiply very fast and if not controlled during their early stage might be disastrous.

Cockroaches are of different types like the German cockroach, the American cockroach and the oriental cockroach however, the German cockroach is the most common in our homes.

German cockroach is brown in color and has two dark stripes behind their head.

Effect of cockroaches in our homes.

Cockroaches contaminate human foods. They are also known to contaminate house surfaces. Furthermore, cockroaches can transmit infections that may lead to asthma and other allergies.

Eliminating Cockroaches.

1. Maintaining a clean kitchen.

Cockroaches are attracted by food, water and warmth and that is one of the reasons why most of them are found in the kitchen. Thus, you should cover your food well and wipe all the spillage.

Cockroaches are also attracted to garbage and dirty dishes. You should ensure that no dirty dishes in your kitchen and garbage is disposed as soon as possible.

2. Mix baking soda with sugar and put in places accessible by cockroaches.

Cockroaches are attracted to sugar but the baking soda is highly poisonous to them. This will kill them within a short period of time. The mixture is harmless to other pets.

3. Mixture of garlic and onion powder.

Cockroaches hate the smell of the two and thus when sprinkled in your house will keep them away.

4. Fresh coffee grounds.

Coffee contains the caffeine. It attracts the cockroaches and is very toxic to them.

Use of chemicals like boric acid mixed with flour and sugar can also be a good remedy to get rid of these insects.

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