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Conflict Between Borana and Gabra

1.Land and boundaries disputes

Contestation over administrative boundaries in Marsabit County continues to fuel undefined boundary between Saku sub county and North sub county is one of the major cause of rampant insecurity in Marsabit.

Areas such as Horonder,Ele Dimtu,Funan Kumbi,Funan Idha,Ele Dimtu,Shuur,Dokatu,Kubi Qallo etc.

Series of conflicts in these areas has led to massive loss of lives and destruction of properties.Gabras and Borana claimed that the water and pasture in these areas belong to them.

Environmental Degradation

Environmental degradation and human activity have dramatically altered and damaged the relationship between the two ethnic groups.County’s ground cover, reducing the carrying capacity of the land and reducing the availability of water and pasture resources. Predictably, this has led to an increase in communal conflict over access to increasingly scarce pasture. 

Resources and resource control

Since the inception of the devolution,the control over the resources of the county government has been the major cause of conflicts between Gabra and Borana.

There were also allegations of county government resources being concentrated in one area,particularly around North Horr sub during Former governor's regime.Borana community felt marginalised under the 

Former county political arrangements . It is alleged by many Gabras during the Mohamed Ali's regime that a significant amount of the county’s resources are being used to further strengthen the Borana economy and that of its allies. This perception is likely to create further rifts between rival communities. There area also perceptions and reports of imbalance in the employment and placement of county officers leading to constant conflicts between Gabra and Borana.

Political incitements.

Political incitement continues to fuel local conflicts and was believed by many to have been the trigger for hostilities between December Gabra and Borana from the onset of devolution and creation of county government. There is growing consensus that the role played by current and previous MPs was significant. 

Elites were more broadly seen to play a role in fuelling conflicts through supporting violence including funding militias and paying for food and weapons, and spreading rumours, particularly through social media. 

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