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Reasons The Pacific and Atlantic Ocean Water Don't Mix

Pacific and Atlantic Ocean water they normally border each other but the main surprise is that the two waters never mix. For the few who have had an opportunity to visit this gulf where the two oceans meet they have explained the uncommon feature of a boarder line which is clearly indicated by two different colours of the water as shown in the picture above.

According to scientific research the two water mass they meet few meters from the actual borderline and this is due to difference in topographical depth of both oceans. The two water masses they do mix but at lower rate due to several factors. Both ocean are said to be situated at different geographical area with different characteristics. Atlantic is said to be more saline than Pacific because more of rivers draining in are salty. This makes the Atlantic water more denser than Pacific hence immiscible. Different in water temperature is also a factor to formation of the boarder line. Pacific water has high temperature than Atlantic because it lies on equatorial zone which experience high temperatures. The salinity nature and temperature difference of both water masses makes them impossible to mix up.

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