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Dead sea:secrets you never knew.

Dead sea is a salt lake found between Jordan and Israel .It lies in the Jordan Rift valley and its main tributary is Jordan river.It is also called the sea of Lot and it's the lowest water body on the entire planet. Here are some astonishing facts about the sea of death.

Has no sign of life.

The sea is ten times salty than ocean water so you should expect not to find anything making the sea its habitat. There are no signs of fish birds or plants in and around the dead sea.

You can walk on water.

Due to its increased salt concentration water creates high surface tension which makes it impossible for objects to sink. Tourists visit the sea to float and enjoy healing properties of the Dead sea. People usually cover their bodies with the Dead sea mud mask to allow their bodies absorb minerals present in the mud.

No water sports.

You won't find any water vehicle in the dead sea ,this is because it was prohibited by the government of Israel so as to maintain the peaceful nature of the dead sea which many tourists enjoy

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