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The Animal With The Most Powerful Fart In The World, It Immobillizes Six Predators With One Blow

NB :Photo Used For Illustration Purposes Only

In the New York Times Bestseller, “Does It Fart? The Definitive Field Guide to Animal Flatulence,” authors Dr Nick Caruso and Dr Dani Rabaiotti reveal the parping potential of everything from herrings (big yes) to dinosaurs (also yes). One of the most formidable species in the book, described as having “one of the few genuinely fatal farts known to science” is the beaded lacewing, Lomamyia latipennis. To the untrained eye, these insects look like an innocent, frosted moth, but this particular species of lacewing is harboring an odorous secret.

Lacewing larvae are ferocious predators to many other insects and are equipped with an impressive pair of sickle-like mouthparts used to capture prey. But beaded lacewing larvae, have a more unique and entertaining method of subduing their victims. They fart on them. Their gaseous emissions are so powerful, they can immobilize up to six termites in one blast. After releasing a ferocious fart, the larva can leisurely approach and consume its stunned prey.

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