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Birds That Dance To Attract Their Female

Birds are one of the most spectacular of all the creatures on earth. There are millions of different species of birds on earth and each has its own unique characteristics. There is however one bird that is amazing, the Manakin bird also known as the Moonwalk.

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The bird is known for its wonderful skills of attracting a female during mating. The bird has different colors which helps it to attract the females but it has an extra thing to help in the bidding, dancing to impress the female.

The bird has 45 different species and each has its way of attracting a female but they all show off. The show off can be by scribbling their nests, spreading their feathers to reveal their colors and many more. A male lead also comes with other young males to help it win the attention of a female. If a female is not impressed, it flies away to look for another male that is impressive.

Dancing to attract a female makes up a greater percentage of the Manakin's male life. All it does throughout its life is training how to attract a female for mating. You can watch videos of the bird on YouTube and see how marvelous they are.

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Manakin Moonwalk


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