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How Israel Is Producing Artificial Rain In Desert

According to KSP magazine, cloud seeding is type of weather modification that aims to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls by dispersing substance into the air that alter the microphysical processes within the cloud. It is used to increase or prevent precipitation from occurring. Aircraft release some chemicals that help in formation of ice particles. As they cool, particles become heavy enough to fall as precipitation.

Electric-charge emissions instruments may be used to deliver electric charge to air molecules. Infrared laser pulses is used also to encourage atmospheric sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide to form particles that would act as seeds.

This technology help to alter the natural development of the clouds to enhance precipitation, suppress hail, dissipate fog, or reduce lightning. Israel has turned to cloud seeding to summon rainfall amid searing temperatures, water shortages and drought. Hydroelectric companies use this method to produce more rainfall. More runoff mean more water for electricity. It is use in airports to clear away fog by turning it into precipitation.

Cloud seeding only work when there are freezing, moist clouds in the air. For instance, a recent attempt to induce rain amid a prolonged drought in Sri Lanka has fallen short. Silver iodine that is used is toxic to aquatic life and some environmentalists argue that its benefits outweigh the risk to public safety and environment. It cause droughts in other areas by "stealing" clouds.

Do you think cloud seeding will cause drought in other areas by forcing clouds to produce raindrops in certain places?. Give your opinion in comment section and share.

Article was written and published by Millionaire Hustler from Kapkimolwa, Bomet county.

Content created and supplied by: KipkorirEnockYator (via Opera News )

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