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How to keep away Geckos in your home.

Wall geckos are small crawling lizards that moves around the house. They have different colours which are white, brown or even a mixture of different colours. They are found mostly on walls or ceilings of the house. Geckos are believed to have some spiritual meaning by some clans mostly they are believed to have been associated with witchcraft.

Geckos usually helps to do away with some insects like cockroaches, flies and bugs. Most people get scared when they happen to see a gecko in their house and prefers to kill it. Here are some remedies to keep off geckos in your house.

Pepper spray - pepper spray can either be made from cayenne pepper or chilli powder. Mix the pepper with water and shake well. Spray on the wall where the geckos passes. The chocking smell will help keep the geckos away.

Mothballs - place mothballs around your house mostly in the hide places of geckos. Mothballs have some repelling odour which helps keep away the reptiles.

Onions - onions have irritating property which helps to keep away the geckos. Cut the onions into pieces and keep them in areas where you find wall geckos.

Garlic - garlic strong repelling odour helps keep away geckos

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