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Meet The Only Animall In The World With Bulletproof Body, See Photos

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There is no mammal even somewhat similar to this in Missouri. Hair grows only in the narrow crevices between the stiff plates of skin that cover almost the entire body. The smoothness of its skin is reminiscent of silk. A total of nine smaller "bands" or "girdles" serve to hold the two big plates together. From the cranium to the small limbs and tail, every exposed surface is armoured. At the end of each toe is a sharp claw. Different shades of brown and a yellowish white make up the bulk of the colour scheme.

Armadillos use their thick shell as protection, however this shell is really just modified skin. Armadillos typically defend themselves by running away, excavating, or squashing their enemies.

The only armadillo that can completely close its skull opening by rolling into a ball is the three-banded kind.

Humans, dogs, wild cats, birds of prey, and even fellow armadillos all pose dangers to armadillos. When threatened, they may cluster together. They are nearly tough to open with bare hands due to their scale-like shape. Bullets fired at an armadillo just ricocheted off of its shell.

Armadillos are powerful swimmers, but the heavy weight of their shells forces them to constantly come to the surface for air. Because of their extraordinary ability to hold their breath for up to six minutes, they can wade across lakes and rivers without stopping for a swim. Eliminating the debris and overgrown vegetation around your home may discourage armadillos from making your yard their new home. Brushy environments, however, provide unexpectedly productive homes for many species of birds and other creatures.

Armadillos are well-protected by their armour, so when they feel attacked, they usually retreat underground or into thick vegetation. Jumping as high as four feet in the air has been witnessed in some species. When armadillos are removed from the equation, the soil-dwelling insects that provide a major source of nutrition for these animals suffer drastic population declines. It would be difficult and potentially harmful to native plants and other life if all insects, worms, and grubs in the soil and on the plants were eliminated.

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