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Meet 190 year old Jonathan; the Oldest animal alive

Human and animal life as they say has an expiry date. As age advances cells in our body are expected to wear out hence death. Animals probably have the shortest life span as their lives are marred with constant danger to diseases and predators.

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However there's one animal who has been able to beat the odds and has stayed alive probably for the longest time possible. This is turtle Jonathan. Jonathan is said to have been born in 1832, Jonathan the Tortoise is expected to turn 190 in 2022. This makes him the oldest known land animal alive today.

Many have been wondering the secret to this long life cycle but it is yet to be revealed. The Tortoise is a game animal therefore that keeps him out of the reach of the predators. Sickness and diseases again have to be no issue since the animal is being fed and taken care of by the warders.

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Jonathan Tortoise


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