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Facts About Tigers That Are Amazing

Tigers look like cats, therefore you can easily mistake them for a cat. They are a bigger family of cats, and they live in grassland. Let us look at some amazing facts about Tigers, because many tourist always study them.

1. They like swimming.

Tigers likes swimming, and they always enjoy it. They love playing in water, therefore you cannot separate them from water. They can spend many hours in water, and they still feel comfortable. They can hunt while in water, because they have mastered the behaviors of water. 

Male Tigers can swim for 30 km, and they doesn’t get tired. Tigers are very unique and also, and many people love them.

2. Tigers curbs are born blind.

Tigers also loves to mate, and the female Tigers always give birth to the blind curbs. The curbs can remains blind for two weeks, and the curbs are usually weak. They don’t know the environment, therefore they always smell their mother's scent. 

Most of the curbs usually die, because they are weak. Male curbs always eat some of the curbs, so many people are surprised with this news.

3. Tigers can mate with other big cats.

Tigers can mate with lioness, and they can produce a curb. The curb will be named a Tigon, because it contains genes from both animal. The Tigon has a lot of strength, and they can be found in only nine countries in the world.

4. They have antiseptic saliva.

Their saliva can disinfect infection, and it can prevent infection. An injured person can seek help from Tiger, if he or she can’t get medical attention easily. Most wild animals don’t have this feature, instead some of poisonous saliva that kills.

5. They are solitary creatures.

Tigers rarely walk groups, therefore you will find lonely. Many of them spend their time alone, so it is very easy to spot them. 

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