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Panic As Leopard Is Spotted In Kericho West

Residents from Kapsoiyo location in Belgut Constituency, Kericho West have been thrown into panic after they spotted a lone leopard roaming about the area. According to a popular Kericho West platform, about fifteen men from the village tried to corner and kill the wild animal in vain. During the Sunday evening ambush, the animal is believed to have fleed towards Kapnandet river.

Residents from the neighbouring Kapsongo and Kapnandet Villages have since been alerted on the roaming danger. Otherwise, learning in Kapsongo Primary School has been suspended till the prevailing danger has been subdued. Chiefs and assistant chiefs are expected to hold an emergency awareness meeting on Tuesday, should the responsible authority fail to turn up.

With the general public on high alert, residents have asked the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to come to their aid. The prevailing danger could lead to domestic animals being devoured by the dangerous cat. Worse still, any attacks from the leopard to persons could lead to fatal injuries and deaths in extreme situations.

Content created and supplied by: RobinMutai (via Opera News )

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