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The Deadliest Lake On The Planet. See The Disaster It Can Cause

The deadliest lake on the planet is located in Cameron, in the Northwest region. The lake goes by the name Lake Nyos. The lake is a crater type of lake and it is located on Cameron's region of active volcano activity. The waters of the lake are very acidic given that its floor is made of magma and it mixes with the carbon dioxide gas released by it.

Why is Lake Nyos referred to as the most dangerous on the planet? In 1986, a limnic eruption occurred on the lake. About 100,000 to 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide was released which moved at a speed of 100km/h. It displaced all the air around it and any living thing around it was affected. 1,746 people and 3500 livestock died of suffocation.

The lake waters turned to red as a result of rich iron waters coming to surface an getting oxidized. Water levels in the lake also dropped by a meter and several tress were knocked down. The trigger of the eruption has not been clearly identified but scientists are working on it. Some say it could have been a landslide while others argue it is as a result of a volcanic eruption at the floor of the lake.

People who still live around the lake are still not safe as it is suspected that the same incident can happen in every 10 to 30 years interval.

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