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Why Masai Mara Is The Best Game Reserve To Visit Before The End Of 2021

Masai Mara is a very beautiful game park that was founded in 1961, it is located in rift valley, the reason why this park is known for its beauty is because of the plains and the wildlife. How do you get there? That is the question that some people have been asking themselves, you can go their by road because the government had done a tremendous job in maintaining the conditions of the road network.

Masai Mara has many wildebeest, for a very long period of time, wildebeest have been witnessed when migrating to Tanzania. They like migrating because of the unfavorable weather, when there is famine they always go to other countries in search of good condition.

The game park was named after the Masai people, that is long time when they came from Nile basin and settled around the park, this was done so that the Masaai community could be honored. How the name Mara came about was as a result of the masaai native language, the word Mara means from a distant in Masai language.

The type of wild animals that you can find at any given time in Masai Mara, are lion, African cheater, gazelle, zebra, hyenas among others, this is because they these wild animals were the original inhabitants of the game reserve. How are these wild animals important to the park? They attract tourist from all walks of life thereby providing revenue to the government.

The government decided some years back to build hotels around Masaai Mara, this was so that the tourist can find a place to refresh themselves after a long trip. How the hotels have been build is really amazing, they made it look more beautiful just like the park itself.

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