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How sure can you be that you have exterminated all cockroaches in your home?

Rule of the thumb: If a year has passed since the last time you have seen a cockroach crawling through your living space, then you are probably in the clear. Maybe. For now.

The problem with these bugs is, that once they appear in a location, it is extremely difficult to ever get rid of them. If you have them, then your neighbors have them too. And the neighbors of your neighbors too.

Let's assume that you have unleashed the chemical war,and you have exterminated each and every last one of these bugs and their eggs and larvae too. No mercy for the ugly invaders! If the fellow next door did not take arms to help in your valiant crusade, in a few days new guests will take advantage of your freshly liberated bugs free house.

And the chemical warfare you unleash on them has to be thorough. It has to wipe them all out. No exceptions! Otherwise, the new generations will be just a little better at surviving the chemical substance you just unloaded on their ancestors. They will remember what you have done. And they will come and crawl all over you as you sleep tucked into your bed.

A few tips to try and keep your house free of them:

  • keep your home spotless; be meticulous; deny them their source of food;
  • keep trash covered, and don't let it stay too long inside;
  • keep all food in airtight containers;
  • repair any and all cracks in the walls and floor that you can see;
  • do not give them access to water, in any shape or form;
  • the moment you see one, assume an army is just hiding out of sight, in the dark corners of your furniture; take your trusty spray, and use it remorselessly and generously on all surfaces.

Good luck, and wipe them all out! Suffer not a cockroach to live!.Thank you.

Content created and supplied by: Jonemike (via Opera News )


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