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8 Fascinating Facts About Animals

 Goats have accents

The research shows that, just like human beings, the vocals inflections of goats can change according to their environment and time spent around their peers.

Wolves mate for life

A wolf pack will often consist of an alpha male and their offspring, and the older cubs will often help take care of the younger ones. 

There is a type of jellyfish that is immortal

This underwater creature has the ability to replicate the tissues of its body using stem cells essentially reincarnating itself.

Penguins propose to their mates 

They also mate for life and when choosing a mate the male present the female with a pebble as a symbol of his affection.

Elephants have incredible social habits

They can laugh and cry also, they hold greetings ceremonies to welcome back family member who has been away for a while and “funerals” for members who pass away.

Cows have best friends

Studies shows that the cows are very sociable and can have a preferred pal amongst their herd. If separated from the friends, they become stressed and anxious.

Animals can’t sprint long distances 

Animals have the ability to sprint faster than humans because they have four legs. But when it comes to long distances, humans can outrun almost any animal. We cool down by sweating rather than running. Humans can stay cool at speeds and distances that would overheat any other animal, forcing them to stop for rest.  

Male seahorses carry their young 

The seahorses are monogamous, when mating, the male carries the fertilized eggs in a pouch until they are ready to be born. Seahorses also hold on to each other’s tails when swimming, the way humans holds hands.

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