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10 Incredible Nature Photos Ever Taken by National Geographic

We are all familiar with amazing things from National Geographic popularly known as Nat Geo. Most people love their documentaries but today it presents to you some of the amazing images from them

These are two children playing in the water, they are friends and their difference in species doesn't matter

A whale is a very huge creature as shown in this image; a gray whale is pushing a boat full of tourists

Another picture of a whale, you can only see the tip of its mouth from above but below that, its the huge body and another whale beside it, this was taken in South Pacific.

This mother lioness its not trying to eat her cub but she is protecting it from falling over a cliff, just like any other loving mother protects her child.

A breathtaking lake in Mongolia known by locals as the dark blue pearl showing signs of climate change

The amazing thing about this image is how it was taken just at the right time; it is not an easy task to capture such images

A baby orangutan taking cover under a leaf, patiently waiting for the rain to stop

This is actually water one might think that it is some kind of an ice, beneath it is a dolphin that is breaking the water surface.

If you don't look keenly, you might think that this island is floating in the atmosphere but it is just in the middle of clear water

A person swimming behind a huge stingray, its not a dangerous creature. Sting only occur when one steps on it, otherwise the creature is less likely to harm humans.

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