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Did You Know This Animal is The Loudest on Earth?

Our planet earth is full of wonder and many other undiscovered mind-blowing things. If we will be lucky to live to see the next century then I am sure we shall see the list of the wonders of the world going higher, I can bet on this. Let us look at the noisiest animal on earth, most of us have ever seen this animal. The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet and also the loudest. This animal is found in the oceans. it is louder than a jet engine and or the grenade explosion. Sound is measured in decibels, blue whale produces 188 decibels of sound which can travel to about 900Km underwater. A normal mature human being can ululate at 70 decibels maximum. The loud sound produced by the blue whales helps them find mates in the vast ocean and regrouping whenever the mother separates from the calf. Follow my channel for more interesting facts. like, comment and share.

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