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Man assisted by dolphin to escape danger

A tourist (Adam) was enjoying his time, swimming in the cold waters when an hungry shark approached him. Adam had little to do to save his live. The shark moves very fast and it could catch up with the swimmer before he finds himself some safety.

To the man's surprise, dolphins protected him when they realized that he was in danger. How caring they were! It was like a dream. Seeing animals make a circle around you to save your live is something unimaginable.

The dolphins took enough courage to place themselves in front of the hungry and angry shark, joy to the tourist who didn't even know about the fierce animals in the sea.

Under normal circumstances, a dolphine would not even feel the importance of saving somebody's life. They would treat human being like any other animal, but this case was a different one! If there was any way the dolphins could be rewarded, they deserved dozens of coins for saving an innocent tourist.

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