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Are There Kangaroos in Kenya?

Kenya is known to have vast varieties of wildlife due to its beautiful nature and landscapes. The climatic conditions in Kenya is favourable for all types of wild animals.Most of the diverse habitats in Kenya include the savannah grasslands, tropical rainforest and deserts. All the species of these wild animals can inhabit where they can survive most. Kangaroos are the most famous of many marsupials. Kangaroos can feed on herbs and grass but are there kangaroos in Kenya considering that they can feed on grass? No, kangaroos are not found in Kenya or rather in the whole of Africa.Kangaroos are a type of marsupials called micropods. Macropods 'pouched mammals' only exist in New Guinea and Australia. The young ones(joeys) are carried in pouches.Whenever a kangaroo senses danger it protects it's young ones in the pouch. They have hind legs that help them run so fast. Research shows that this young ones have a small size compared to other new born mammals. The joeys are 0.2-0.9 inches when they are born.

Kenya's unique mammals like the long-necked giraffe and elephants emerged long time ago but during that time Kenya did not 'pouch ' any marsupials.

Can kangaroos survive in Africa though? Yes, they can. In terms of food and habitat, there are many varieties of vegetation that they can munch. Some species like the red Kangaroo can even survive in tough conditions like during times of drought. Kangaroos have evolved without much competition for food in Australia. But in Africa there is so much competition for the scarce resources. Kangaroos have their niches in Australia.There are four varieties of kangaroos according to the research that was done in Australia. This include; the red Kangaroo, eastern grey kangaroo, western grey kangaroo and the antilopine kangaroo. In general,all these species are called kangaroos. The difference between kangaroos and wallabies is size. The smaller species are known as wallabies while the largest are called kangaroos.

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