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How Chameleons Are Earning Kenyan Farmers Millions.

Chameleons are widely known for many things. Some believe that they are dangerous while others consider them as funny

However, there is a good number of Kenyans who are making money from farming them. They earn a lot from selling chameleons.

Of late one chameleon could cost as much as Ksh 7,000. Meaning if you reared 500 chameleons in a year, you are likely to earn Ksh 3,500,000 a year.

With no doubt this new farming is well paying. The demand for chameleons has been rising in countries like Netherlands, Japan and Spain.

In Kenya there is no high markets for them. However, in international markets they could be bought and kept as pets.

Madagascar is among the highest exporter of chameleons. For one to venture into this farming they have to acquire permit from Kenya Wildlife Service.

One is not allowed to only export indigenous ones only young chameleons. One needs to get legal exports from international bodies.

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