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Facts About Snakes That You Should Know.

In this Planet we have more than three thousand snakes species. Snakes are almost found everywhere in the World. Regions that do not have Snakes include; Ireland, Iceland Antarctica, New Zealand and Greenland. Out of the three thousand species about 600 of them are venomous. Venomous means they have the ability of spitting venom. Most snakes are non venomous.

Examples of Nonvenomous snakes, include garter snakes and pythons.Non Venomous snakes are capable of swallowing their prey live which they do so by constricting them to death. Constricting means tying around their prey so firmly so that the prey will not be able to breathe.

Another interesting fact about snakes is that they cannot be able to control their temperatures since they are cold blooded. Snakes will need to look for warmth in the sun.

Snakes also come in all types of shape, colors and size. Snakes also have the ability to hibernate. This means they can live for a long time without food or water.

Most snakes are carnivores and most snake species love consuming lizards, geckos frogs, other snakes, goats and many more.

Snakes can also drink water without necessarily using their lips. Snakes also have teeth and a person who has ever been bitten by a snake can confirm that. Lastly, Snakes do not have bones and eyelids and despite a snake not having ears they still can hear very well.

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