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Forget Chemicals, Use this Four Methods to Eradicate Bedbugs and Get a Lasting Solution

Bedbugs are one of the disturbing insects in ones life. Believe me or not, if this gallant soldiers visits your bed, forget sleeping. They know how to keep one awake even if sleeping is your hobby Well, several methods have been in the market to help eradicate this naughty insects. The use of chemicals such as Lava, Bamako. However, this chemicals are not always effective due to this reasons. This creatures have strong adaptive features that render them resistant to pesticides. Lay numerous eggs, run and hide deep in cracks and can survive for two weeks without food. However, these three method can give you a permanent solution.

Bed bugs do not necessarily mean you are unhygienic. Anyone can import a single bug and you know they are highly prolific. Each lays up to 500 eggs and the little devils are like snakes in that they are already fully equipped with fangs when they hatch. By the time you see just one, the colony will have long established.

Method Number One, Mixture of Kerosene and Petrol.

Take your stuffs out in the sun. Boil hot water and spill it in their hide out areas to remove or scatter them from the corners. Mix paraffin and petrol in the ration 1:1 and spray the beds, chairs, stools, tables and even the house. Repeat the process every weeks for not less than three times. No traces if bedbug will survive this procedure.

Method Two, Permanganate

Buy permanganate and keep it out of reach of children because its poisonous. Mix the permanganate with water and spray or use clothing to clean areas infested. Leave the house for minimum of 2 hours. You will find everything dead including cockroaches and houseflies. You can get permanganate in veterinary stores or veterinary pharmacy.

Method Three, Aerial Powdered soap.

Buy aerial powdered soap of quantity about 500 grams. Mix the powdered soap with little water to make a soap paste. Apply on the edges of your beds, tables, walls and so forth. Repeat the procedure for three days and see the magic. Just as simple as that.

Last Method, Hot Water

This method is the cheapest but the most tedious. Boil enough water and painstakingly drench every item in your household. Clothes, linen, mattresses beds, sits Name them. All you need is lots of boiling water, a jug and a big basin or drum enough to accommodate your duvets and blankets. Use water and be meticulous. Repeat the procedure three times once every month.

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