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Drilling Process of a Borehole And Its Cost

Boreholes have been alternative source of water mainly in semi arid zones where we have scarcity of water. They have helped so much to keep the level of water needed for domestic uses and also irrigating purposes in those areas. Boreholes is one of expensive project to start that's why mainly donors and also government are mostly depended to avail these types of projects to the society.

The process of drilling a Borehole is somehow complex and not a one day event. Before you start the project you have to involves an hydro geological surveyor who mainly comes to assess the kind of underlying rocks, depth of water table and the effects of Borehole to the environment. A report of assessment must be written to environmental and water agencies which in return makes decision on whether to drill or not. This process may take long hence delaying the drilling process. If the report is accepted then the notice on the commencement is given to the engineer. The engineer can decide to calculate the prices on bases of the depth of water table plus other external factors being considered. Drilling one metre in rocky areas maybe cheap and cost like 5000 but in loamy and sand area it can be 6000. On average the shallower Borehole may have 150 metres and the deepest going upto to 300 metres. In a rocky area you can get water at a depth of 200 because the water percolation is enhanced due to these rocks unlike other area. Estimated drilling cost will be calculated as follows;

(200* 5000) + water pump and piping + labour = 1.5 million.

Notes that all boreholes have different depth hence the total cost may be greater than this.

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