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How to survive an encounter with a snake in your house.

Snakes are found in different climates and terrains. Sometimes they can even appear in your own house. For the most part, snakes are harmless. But sometimes they can hurt you if you attack them, If you encounter a snake, you definitely do not want to engage it, even if you think that it is not dangerous. There are several steps you can take to avoid a harmful encounter with a snake.

Stay calm so that you make the right decisions and help you to stay safe.Don't make any sudden movements in the direction of the reptile. Just relax and try not to startle the animal.Remember that the snake was not out looking for you. It likely was just trying to find a place to get warm.

You should also not engage the snake, If you come across a snake, walk away. If you can't turn and go the other direction, make sure to give the snake a wide berth as you circle around it

Remember that most snakes have no desire to be around people. That is why you rarely see them.


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