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Get Rid Of Wall Geckos Through The Following Simple Methods

The geckos are small crawling lizards moving around the house wall. Below are simple. Ways to get rid of geckos

1. Spray the water and pepper mixture in areas where wall geckos usually stay. The suffocating smell of pepper helps get rid of the wall gecko. cut them.

2.Cut the onions into slices and keep them in the areas where the wall geckos are. When geckos arrive in these areas, they become irritated and run away.

3. Garlic Garlic is used to repel wall geckos due to their strong odor Store garlic gloves in enclosures, dark areas, and holes to help hunt wall geckos.Mothballs Put mothballs in your home primarily in the skin of geckos. They have repellent properties which help get rid of these little lizards. outside your home.

Use the above method's to get rid of wall geckos, feel free to leave a comment below. Don't forget to like, follow up and share to your friends.

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