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How Crocodile Farming made me a Millionaire

In Kenya, any opportunity that arise can be changed to a profitable business for early adopters. Agricultural industry has several business opportunities and one very important thing is that there’s always ready market for every agricultural products. Over the years, scientists have been reaching out for ways to improve and sustain productivity.

One of the business opportunity I come across and get interested was the Crocodile 🐊 Farming. From my own research and statistics, a crocodile farm has a good return potential but it requires a lot of patience and confidence.

If you’re here to make big money from this enterprise, there’s a mandatory procedures you must follow and adhere to in order to smile to the bank;

1.      You must get a sufficient training or get a trained personnel to handle and manage your crocodiles because they are wild animals that require special handling for their survival in a captive Cross-circuit breeding environment.

2.      Choose a suitable site for the location of your farm possibly where the terrain is flat and has high temperatures. 1 acre of land can accommodate up-to 600 crocodiles.

3.      You must register and get licensed by KWS. As per the Wildlife (Conservation and management) Act of the Law of Kenya, any individual or group intending to keep any wild animals should apply for a farming permit from the relevant authority. The license is Ksh. 2000 renewed annually.

4.      Make arrangements to obtain crocodile eggs for breeding. You will be required to pay about Ksh. 20 per Egg collected.

5.      Finally, implement your enterprise – involve a trained personnel if necessary.

According to (Angwenyi, 2016), here’s how much to invest.

-         The minimum budget you need to start is Ksh. 150,000 including the construction of the farm structures, cost of managing the farm etc.

-         How much to expect as returns- According to (Angwenyi, 2016), a mature crocodile can produce up to 120cm of quality hides (skin)  which can be sold for Ksh. 50,000 on International market.

-         You can sell the meat @350 per kg where a mature crocodile can produce up to 200kg of meat.

-         Crocodile skull, teeth and skeleton can be sold too.

On average, such a small farm can take in Ksh. 15,000,000 to 30,000,000 per year.

Take your chance, it’s a great business opportunity.


T. Angwenyi, 2016 200 Profitable Agribusiness ideas in Kenya 

Content created and supplied by: DominiqueLao (via Opera News )

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