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4 Dangerous birds you need to know about


It is a flightless bird is found mostly in Africa countries. It is about 2.75 meters or 9 feet tall and weighs about 150 kg. It is known for its speed about 72 km/hr, which exceeds that of a horse. It has strong legs, with two toes on each leg.

When this bird is frightened it can give fetal kicks to the enemy. Though death from its kicks are rare but you will regret it if it kicks you.


It is know to have a cat like face. It can grow to a length of 2feet. If it spreads its wings they can reach a length of 200cm. Reports on own attacks have been reported especially in USA. The owl eats small rodents like rats and moles. There are different types of these owls; great horned owl and others.

In many African communities the cry of an own is a sign of a bad omen.


Closely relates to the ostrich but found in Australia. It can run up to a speed of 50km/hr. Attacks have been reported from these birds, especially in farms and parks.

Bearded Vulture

Also known as Lammergeier. It is found in mountainous areas especially in Asia. It grows to a length of 1m and if it spreads its wings they can reach 3m. It commonly eats carcasses and bones.

It captures its preys and drops them from a great height. There is a tale that it dropped a tortoise on a baldheaded man and he died.

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