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Meet Two Canibalist Tribes In The World

There are countless people in the cosmos, and each one has a unique culture that, in one way or another, might depress you.

The information on this page will outline the most vulnerable African ethnic groups that participate in human eating. These are the two tribes that chop and consume human flesh.

1. Korowai

This tribe is located in the islands of Papua New Guinea, where it is said that because of its cannibalism, it is one of the most endangered tribes in Africa. It is also said that journalists from many European countries have died while trying to gather information about the situation there.

2. Fore

It is rumored to be a different tribe from the same Papua New Guinean islands. It is rumored that members of this tribe consume human flesh after a member passes away. The meat is then cut into pieces and cooked in soup.

The deceased's brain uses a woman as his meal while the fatty meat is simmered in soup. The tribe's traditional leaders assert that they should consume meat rather than worms.

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