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Bees Attack School Going Children In Bomet, Kills Livestock

Bees are dangerous insects as well as very important since they make honey, a very sweet substance to humans. When they are revoked, these tiny creatures may bring havoc and cause loss of lives. Such an incident occurred in Tumoi sub location in Chepalungu constituency.

According to the area residents who witnessed the unpleasant scenario, bees were seen in multiple swarms in Chemalal village in Bomet county. But school going boys could not just see such bees and leave them in peace. The young ones began throwing stones to the assembled swans leading to the tiny creatures feeling irritated. The bees attacked the boys who were lucky enough to escape death. However, the insects turned their anger to nearby livestock and stung them mercilessly. For those lucky livestock who were not tired with ropes, they managed to run for their lives. Sadly, a tied donkey paid the ultimate price after all the bees rested on it.

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Bomet Chemalal Chepalungu Kills Livestock Tumoi


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