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What Is Up? In The US, It Is 'Raining' Fish

The number of people in the world is increasing rapidly at alarming rate. Currently the world has more than seven billion people. This influx of people is straining the available resources. Population increase is not balanced. This is because, Africans population is increasing while Western Countries and other Asians nations are experiencing a decrease in population.

As a result of iincreased population, essential resources are depleting due to overexploitation and over. For instance, fish stocks in US water bodies have declined a lot. This has attracted US government's intervention. The local government of Utah State has decided to restock fish in their wetlands. To achieve this, they restocked fish by dropping them from a moving plane that was moving over the wetlands. "... Wildlife authorities in the US state of Utah have restocked lakes with fish by dropping them out of plane..."

This exercise led to a phenomenon that was referred to as 'raining fish'. This is a good move that is aimed at restoring a depleted natural resources that are crucial to the people of Utah State. The Government is also looking for ways to make fishing activities in Utah State sustainable.

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