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Snake Bite Treatment And Other Uses of This Plant.

While African wildlife often run afoul of ranchers and pastoralists securing food and water resources for their animals, the interests of fauna and farmer might finally be unified by the“Sodom apple ,” a toxic invasive plant that has overrun vast swaths of East African Savanna and pastureland.

Different parts of the Sodom apple serve a series of functions as discussed below.


Roots are poisonous and used for treating snakebites.

Latex is used against ringworm and as laxative.

An infusion of bark powder is used in the treatment and cure of leprosy and elephantiasis.

Extremely poisonous roots are used in the treatment of snakebites.

The fruit is used to stop bleeding or is pressed into wounds and the juice of the fruit can be used to help with toothaches.

The stems are made into toothbrushes, which some tribes believe has an anti-bacterial effect.

The roots of the shrub are boiled and drunk to relieve stomach pains.

What other uses of Sodom apple do you know?

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