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6 Survival Myths That Could Actually Hurt You

First Aid

The snake venom enters the blood stream very quickly and it doesn’t accumulate at the bitten area, therefore trying to suck it out is not a good idea. And putting your mouth on the bitten area can get the venom into your mouth and esophagus. The best thing to do for a victim bitten by a snake, it to stay calm to prevent the venom from moving quickly through the bloodstream. Keep the wound below the level of the heart, drink plenty of liquid and try to get to the hospital quickly.

What to do when you get lost in the forest

Most people believe that the first thing to do when you get lost in the forest is to find some food, that’s not true. A healthy person can live without food for a long time, up to six weeks but finding a source of water and a building a shelter where you can hide from extreme weather must be your first priorities.

How to build a great shelter

Before you begin on a suitable shelter, you must assess the surrounding and weather condition. You need a shelter to protect you from form wind, rain or scorching sun, building a lean-to isn’t enough. The ground will just suck the heat right out of you at night unless you build a layer between your body and the ground.

Finding water in the desert

Most of us don’t know that there is only one type of cactus that contains drinkable water, moisture can also be found from the opuntia. However, most of the time, cacti are poisonous. When you drink the fluid inside them can make you sick, causing you to vomit up precious liquid and leaving you more dehydrated.

Finding direction by tree moss

Moss grows on all sides of a tree depending on environmental conditions. Never rely on this popular myth while trying to find your way out of the forest because you will get most cases the moss grows on the side of the tree that is more shaded. In the Northern Hemisphere, that means that moss will be found on the side that point to the north. In the Southern Hemisphere, you’d find moss on the side of the tree that points the south. Keep in mind that other factors can create shady conditions.

How to know which plant are safe to eat and which are toxic

Some barriers and mushrooms that are toxic to humans aren’t poisonous to many animals and birds. Therefore the only way to tell and edible plant from a poisonous one is to accurately identify the species of individual mushroom or berry.

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