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Wonderful and Beautiful Albino Animals Which Lack Melanin on Their Skin

Animals that completely lacks melanin is also albino, which means there is absence of pigment in their skin, hair and eyes. Albino animals are extremely rear, and due to scarcity of such animals it definitely adds to their allure and beauty.

Albino animals often has eyes problem and experience sensitivity to the sun, can include sunburn and skin cancer. They are more susceptible to predictors, because pigment is a hung aspect of camouflag.

Same case to human being albino animals also face alot of challenges, they have to hide from their predictors and also from prey because of their white color. The following are some of albino animal:

1. Lioness

This lioness is an albino because it is white in color and has blue eyes. Due to this color variations and blue eyes, she is actually a leucistic. It has a reduced pigmentation instead of complete lack of pigment.

2. reindeerThis albino reindeer obviously stands out against the rock, making it easier for wolves to prey upon easily compared to sister deer to the left side. Lack of pigment may be an asset during winter months when their is snow on the surface.

3. Alligator

This is a beautiful, white alligator which is a true albino. It stay mostly likely in sanctuary, as it would stand out so much in water to make sneak attack almost impossible when hunting.

4. Owl

This gorgeous owl is amazing because of it uniqueness. It has white claws which shows it is albino because it lacks pigment.

5. Family of deer

The gene has so many members lacking the pigment. They play nice games on snow, and sometimes they dislike touching snow so they stand with two legs.

6. Gorilla

Gorilla has the largest primate that have many traits similar to human being. They also lacks pigment and can be albino just like the case in some human being.

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Albino Lioness


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