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Tortoise Is the Only Animal That Can Live for Over 150 Years

Tortoise are reptiles slightly distinct from turtle due to their extensive life spend in land.

These animal spend their life in optimum temperatures both at night and during the day

The tortoise moves very slowly enclosed in a scaly or leatherly domed shell on to which it can retract it's head or legs

Due to its adaptive abilities and the protective shell , this animal can survive most injurious encounter; once in the shell it pretends to be dead untill the predator takes a leave

The animal being a herbivore , it feeds mostly on the locally available vegetation and easily adapts to the climatic changes

The tortoise always stroll in a company of three , male,female and a child at an early age and thus being protected by the family untill it's full ok to take care of itself

The animal can be tamed as a pet as it's never hostile to human and easily adapts to the new environment

These adaptive nature makes this animal to a longer lifespan i.e more than 150 years

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