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Facts about the Cats kept at home

In many years human beings have been domesticating Cats in their home Their biggest advantage is to keep rodents away and protect people against attack by wild animals like Snakes Funniest thing is that most of Us fail to know truths about these pets.

some cats can swims

Has a long tail for balancing its body when walking on shallow edges

Cats sleep for twelve to sixteen hours a day

They are near sighted during the day and long sighted during the night

Have claws that curve down, this enable them walk down the tree without falling

Cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scent in air

Cats walk like Giraffe and Camel that is legs on the right go forward first followed by legs on the left

They find it threatening when human beings make direct eye contact with them

They have two hundred and thirty bones in their body

A cat is the only mammal that don't taste sweetness

Have eighteen toes five on the front pair and four on the back pair

They have up to hundred vocals,among them,the meow is among them for communicate with people.

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Camel Cats Giraffe


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