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We eat These Animals Daily But They Are Biblically Unclean

When God completed creation, He gave man all the fruits in the garden of heaven as food except the fruits of the tree at the middle of the garden. At that early stage as we read from the Holy scriptures, man was not given animals as food.

But later on, as humanity sinned and man chased from the garden of Eden, the population increased and we see God giving man animals as food.

However, there are some kinds of animals and their species which are spiritually unclean and God ordered man not to eat them.

As we read from the Book of Leviticus Chapter 11, God gave specifications concerning the types of land animals, sea animals, birds and insects which should be eaten and the ones we should abstain from eating.

Concerning land animals God said, 'You may eat any animal that has a split hoof completely divided and that chews cud'.

Sadly, the carmel, the pig, the donkey, the horse and the rabbit with all their other species of the like, are not in this category yet they daily are eaten at some places.

Concerning animals which live in the water, God gave authority for only animals which have fins and scales to be eaten. But all other animals which have no fins nor scales should not be eaten. The water animals which should not be eaten include but not limited to; the whale, Hippo, crocodile, turtle, water snakes, among others.

As from verse 13 of chapter 11 of the book of Leviticus to verse 19, God gave a list of all the birds which we should detest from eating. Sadly, some of these birds are a delicacy to some people. The bat is also widely eaten but it is unclean.

God also gave authority of some flying insects to be eaten while others are ritually unclean and should not be eaten. These instructions on insects are as we read from verse 20 to 23 of the same chapter.

Other animals which are detestable and should not be eaten are animals which move about the ground. These include rat, lizard and chameleon as we read from verse 29 to 31. Sadly, there are people who roast and feast on these animals.

Biblically speaking, there is no verse which gave authority nor do we see God cleansing any of those unclean animals later. We even don't read any other verse which outwardly allows the eating of any of the outlawed animals.

Is there any bible verse which allows humans to eat any of the unclean animals? Kindly share the verse if any.

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