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Check Out The Country In The World With No Mosquitoes (Photos).

Mosquitoes are insects that bites and feeds on the blood of humans and other animals. While male mosquitoes feed on nectar, female anopheles mosquitoes survive by feeding on blood. Mosquitoes are quite an ubiquitous part of the human life. There are over 2500 species of mosquitoes buzzing around the world. They love a wet humid environment and hence are found less and less in the arctic or antarctic region. This article discusses the country in the world with no mosquitoes in the world.


Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Lying on the constantly active geologic border between North America and Europe, Iceland is a country of vivid contrasts of climate, geographic and culture. The country of Iceland is considered to be free of these pesky buzzing insects, mosquitoes.

Iceland's no mosquito theory

Large number of scientists and researchers have studied the temperature of Iceland and its effect on keeping the mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes can breed in a variety of environments including cold climatic conditions, like the one in Antarctica, they have great breeding problems in Iceland. 

So, the mosquitoes can breed in the coldest places on earth but not in Iceland. The scientists have reported that in Iceland, the insects get three major freezes which thaw once a year. This makes Iceland as one of the most undesirable places for their survival.

Another important hypothesis around the non presence of mosquitoes points towards the chemical composition of the country's water and soil. The chemical composition of waters in Iceland intereferes with reproduction of mosquitoes. These buzzing insects are thus somehow not able to decipher and tolerate the environment very well.

Although quite lucky, Iceland is believed to be facing the adverse effects of global warming with the glaciers melting away. This ecological and climatic change might result in a change of scenario and mosquitoes may be well on their way to breed in the country. Invasion of mosquitoes into the Iceland may impact serious health problems like malaria and skin diseases.

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