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5 of the Laziest Animals in the Animal Kingdom

How many hours can sleep a day? Apparently, in the animal kingdom there are animals that require more hours of sleep than others. These animals need at least 19 to 22 hours of sleep everyday which makes everyday a lazy day for them. Here are some of the laziest animals in the world.


Hippos have truly mastered the art of lazing around. They enjoy living in the rivers and lakes and they can sleep for 16 to 20 hours a day. As much as hippos love sleeping, they also spend sometime grazing at night, basking in the sun and napping together in groups during the night.


If you have been in Australia you probably have seen this cute and cuddly animal called koala bear. It requires at least 18hrs to 22hrs of sleep everyday. They always keep hydrated by eating eucalyptus leaves and during mating season, the male koalas rarely leave their home instead they wait for the female koalas to come over.


Python can sleep upto 18 hours a day. They are considered to be very passive animals and they get tired very quickly. Pythons skin shedding process is very energy demanding, therefore, pythons sleep for a whole week to prepare for this.


They are champion sleepers who spend at least 18hrs to 20hrs sleeping each day. They are incredibly slow moving animals and once they find a place that provides them with both food and shelter, they don't move unless is necessary for them to.


In the animal kingdom these are the slowest animals in the whole world. This is because, sloths have a four-part stomach that takes upto 1 month to digest food and this usually leaves them with little energy to move around. They can sleep upto 20 hours a day, so they spend their time hanging on tree branches.

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