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How To Take Care Of Your Day Old Chicks

1) Provide clean water to the chicks.

On a daily basis provide clean water to the chicks because it helps in digestion and also help to increase appettite of the chicks.

2) In the water add liquid paraffin from the agrovet.

It helps in the digestion of the chicks and it will help your chicks not to have a pasty butt. Get the paraffin from the agrovet and not from petrol station.

3) Strictly follow the vaccination schedule.

Always follow the vaccination schedule that you have been given by the veterinary doctor so that you can keep your chicks safe from any disease.

4) As the chicks grow separate the weak ones to the strong ones so as to allow your chicks to grow healthy.

5) Before the chicks arrive ensure that you prepare the brooder seven days before so that it can be able to generate heat when the chicks arrive.

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