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Stop Gabra- Borana War in Marsabit

A donkey was tied to a tree. One night a ghost cut the rope and released the donkey free. The donkey went and destroyed the crops in an adjacent farmer's land. Infuriated, the farmer's wife shot the donkey and killed it.

The donkey's owner was devastated at the loss. In reply, he shot dead the farmer's wife.

Angered by his wife's death, the farmer took a sickle and killed the donkey's owner.

The wife of the donkey's owner got so angry that she and her sons set the farmer's house on fire.The farmer, looking at his house turned into ashes, killed the wife and children of the donkey's owner.

Finally, when the farmer was full of regret, he asked the ghost as to why did it kill them all?

The ghost replied, "I killed nobody. I just released a donkey that was tied to a rope. It is all of you who released the devils within you which resulted into everything bad that occurred thereafter."

We owe the the protracted conflict to Ghost who released the develish donkey that triggered the war between Gabra and Borana, which triggered so many smallers devils in all of us. Many lives have been lost, property destroyed and communities displaced.

Gabras blame Boranas for causing the war and Boranas blame Gabra. The blame game is not helping but exacerbating the situation.

It is our responsibility to not react but preserve our relationship with our neighbours. It is our responsibility to stop this war.

To start with, let's turn to prayer, let's turn to God for forgiveness and mercies. Lets not be helpless, the power to stop this conflict is in our hand and with God's help everything is possible.

Fostering Peace is not an act of cowardice but gracious Godly responsibility of all of us. Peace between Gabra and Borana is Peace in Marsabit, Peace in Kenya and Peace in the World.

All members of these two communities and other well wishers, let's rise to the occasion and say no Conflict in Marsabit.

When there is Peace and harmony, there will be development and prosperity. Conflicts bring only deaths and destruction. This conflict has branded us a tag of primitive, warring community when other Kenyans are concentrating on development.

At the moment the and bravest Gabra or Borana man is not the one who drives the conflict but the one who will strive to stop the conflict and bring back the elusive peace.

Pass this message of peace to everyone on your forums to save lives and livelihoods. Reach out to your neighbours, friends, school mates, namesakes, workmates to start a peace movement.

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