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Dangerous effects of greenhouse that people hardly notice

The Greenhouse Effect (GE) is the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere that occurs thanks to gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane that natural occur in the atmosphere.

The Enhanced Greenhouse Effect (EGE) is the increased severity of this natural effect after it has been enhanced by human activity which has added to the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere.

Global Climate Change (GCC) is the term given to the effects of the EGE. Climate change incorporates many aspects of climate, including:

-Average temperatures

-Wind patterns

-Wind speeds

-Humidity levels

Seasonal variations in weather

The intensity and frequency of severe weather events Global Warming (GW) is just one aspect of Global Climate Change. Owing to the current climate forcings, many parts of the world will see an increase in temperatures. However this is not uniform. Some parts of the world will experience cooling or stable temperatures, while other climatic variations such as the intensity of rainfall will vary. For this reason, Geographers avoid the term Global Warming’ as it is an oversimplification of the climate and suggests the only outcome of the EGE is higher temperature.

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