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Elephants Destroy Crops in Plantations in Tharaka as Resident decry to County GOVT/KWS to Intervene

The farmers in the villages of Nthongoni, Kamasabi, and Kamalenge in the Tharaka residential area, Tharaka Nithi County are decrying the increasing number of elephants that come to their farms and destroy their crops.

The Kenya Wildlife Service has been deployed to curb this menace but they have not been successful.

In 2016, KWS had a budget of about 2 billion shillings for anti-poaching operations. This was a substantial increase from the previous year’s budget of 1 billion shillings.

The farmers residing in Nthongoni, Kamasabi, and Kamalenge in the Tharaka Assembly area, Tharaka Nithi County are in fear of being attacked by Elephants at night hours.

The residents want KWS officers and KWS to deal with their problem of Elephants attacking their farms rampantly.

The Residents are also decrying the lack of security and being targeted by Large Elephants from Wildlife.

It is clear that residents are disappointed with the performance of the local government and have been calling out for assistance.

Both parties seem to be blaming each other for their current condition from KWS. There is a need for more assistance from both locals and the central government to bring change to these Residents in Tharaka Nithi.

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