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Forget About Poisonous Rat and Rat Chemical, Use This Simple Home-based Mouse Trap Method

Rats are very curious of anything new in their environment. They will avoid them until enough time has passed for them to become familiar. This makes it difficult to trap them. The only way to trap them easily is to add more lure into their environment, so they become more familiar with it.

However, many people believe that astringent, menthol, and spicy odors are effective in keeping mice away. Therefore, some have used chemical smells such as ammonia, bleach, and mothballs to keep them away. Some have also used poisonous chemicals like "Rat and Rat" to kill them. However, this method is harmful to human beings and therefore, not recommended.

To trap the rats in an easy manner, take a bucket and cover its top tightly with a transparent carbon paper. Make a small opening, through which a mouse can pass, on the carbon paper. Place some food items inside the bucket. Scatter the remaining food near the bucket and on top of the carbon paper as shown below.

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