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Here Are 4 Kenyan Tribes And The Character Traits Associatet To Their Lifestyle

Kenya has over 50 million people that are split into more than 40 different ethnic groups, each with its own strong identity, a variety of cultural traditions, and separate tongues.

The people have adapoted different kind of lifestyles and have some traits in them that can make one to predict the tribe they are from, because that trait is mostly associated to that group of people. Here are some of tribes and the traits associated to them.

1. Luo

Luo is among the main tribes in kenya. Luos are known for their love for luxury and lavish life. A large parcentange of Luo people like bragging, driving big and expensive Cars and living lavish life.

2. Kalenjins

Kalenjins are the fourth largest tribe in kenya. Whenever someone hears about kalenjins they think of athlete. They are known for producing the best runners in kenya. Many athletic champions come from there.

3. Maasai

Maasai are believed to be the cooliest and peaceful people. They are known for jumping very high during ritual dances. They can jump almost half a meter high from the ground.

4. Kikuyu

Kikuyus is the largest group in kenya. They are hardworking and determined. They believe in making money. Some people make fun of them by saying that "they can smell money". They are also said to be good in business.

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