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What Is Currently Making Lake Victoria To Be At Risk Of Dying And Unproductive (Photos)

Lake Victoria is an extensive mass of water touching three countries in East Africa. These countries include Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. This lake plays a vital role in the economy of these three countries. It offers a mode of transport among these countries, it provides food in terms of fish and other aquatic animals. The lake also provides water for domestic, industrial and agricultural use.

In the recent years, Lake Victoria has faced serious challenges that have led to an exponential decline in it's productivity. This article discusses some of the factors contributing to low productivity of Lake Victoria.

1. Washing of vehicles and motorbikes.

Many people have been reported to carelessly wash their vehicles and motorbikes in the lake. During washing of these locomotives, dangerous chemicals get into the lake and consequently kill the fish and aquatic plants like phytoplankton.

2. Dumping of plastic materials.

A lot of plastic materials are dumped into the lake. These materials strangle fish thus decreasing population of fish in the lake. Plastics also destroys breeding areas of fish. Decrease in the numbers of fish has made lives of many fishermen difficult.

3. Channeling of industrial wastes into the lake.

Some of the industries located at the shores of Lake Victoria directs their effluents into the lake untreated. Untreated wastes negatively affects the lakes productivity.

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